About me …

Welcome. I’m Rebecca Voss, the editor of this site.

Thank you for dropping by and taking your time to be interested, or at least mildly curious, about my experiences and viewpoints  … as a communicator and as a person. Web 2.0 has literally unleashed a world of information, of choices, and of possbilities out there on us all, so your personal time and acknowledgement means a lot to me.

I’m an integrated communication planner, and one of those rare professional species (yes, studies have been done!) out there who actually loves what they do. I know a little about a lot, I’m a visionary at heart, I think and work at the brand level first, but I’ve also got mad skills with a “digger ‘n do’er” mentality to just keep things moving in, through, and out that proverbial pipeline. I’ve found that my entrepreneurial spirit and “start with the end in mind” framework makes everything far easier … and leaves the possibilities open, endless. As a result of this approach, I’ve had many adventures with the subsequent communication stories and lessons to prove it, which I’ll enjoy packaging and presenting to you here through a unique lens and a dash of humor.

I also hope to hear from from you … that’s right, you, my  reader! After all, communication isn’t really about the communicator.  It’s about you, and what I can do to help you get to wherever it is you’re trying to go: Inform you. Encourage you. Inspire you. So, I welcome you to challenge my blog topics and thinking. I also welcome the opportunity to write about your needs, topics and challenges. I might even have a great suggestion or two somewhere … or at least bend your thinking in a new direction. I’ll probably enjoy doing this more than telling you what I think you should read or know.

So, visit me, enjoy me, and challenge me. Who knew communication could be so easy?! 🙂


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